Thursday, September 13, 2012


Ever wonder how blogs get their name?  
Karen at My Colonial Home  ( )  has given a challenge to all who care to join, so I am going to share how we got our name.
I started blogging in July 2008, so when we moved our store, it was only natural to want to start a blog for Cabin In The Woods.
For many years, we had a country shop and when we moved to the mountains, we moved our shop to a downtown location. After a few years there, we wanted to cut back on the confinement of being in a shop every day, so we decided to relocate our business to our home, a cabin down a dirt path in the woods.

The downstairs was perfect for a shop, but since we were in a log cabin in a secluded, wooded place, the old name of our business just didn't work...Giles and I talked for days about a suitable name for our business and location...Finally, he wanted to change the name to "Cabin In The Woods" because that's what and where we were.
It's not a really old cabin, but it's log and stone and perfect for us! We finished the downstairs so the inside looked like a log cabin and our goodes fit perfectly there. 
Although we closed our retail shop a couple of years ago, we still use the store space for storage between shows and also for some of my creating.
Who knows, maybe one day, I'll reopen the store with limited days and hours just so we can get to see our long-time customers more often. 
Thanks Karen for the challenge...We love our "Cabin In The Woods" and are proud to share how we got our name.
If anyone else is interested in taking on Karen's challenge, you may go here

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where we'll be?

Hi folks...  We have had several inquiries about where our next shows are...  Please check the right-hand sidebar here on our blog for Show Info.  
Although we will miss Lori's fall gathering this year, you don't want to miss it.  Such a fun day on her farm and lots of awesome goodes will be offered for you this weekend...
Also, we will not be at the show in Gettysburg, but folks in that area need to check it out...many wonderful antiques will be gathered for your selections...  
We really appreciate our loyal friends and customers and look forward to seeing you at every show.  Our next show will be in Cameron, N.C. ( )  Let you in on a secret too...Even though the Cameron link shows just Sat. for the show, we will also be set up Friday afternoon for your buying pleasure, so please visit us there, right in front of The Ferguson House.
Many Blessings to all who follow The Cabin In The Woods... You are the best!!!!