Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Did you know who you were following this year? It was just us ole geezers! LOL

This year has been a true challenge in many ways, but we have been blessed with good health, lots of wonderful friends, and each other.

We're already working on our old primitive antiques as well as homemades and hand-dids and will be offering them at some great shows during 2010. We also will have many new/old items in Sassafras in downtown West Jefferson, NC, so if you can't make it to N.C., please visit us at one of the amazing primitve shows during 2010.

Thanks to everyone for your support and friendship this year...WE WISH YOU MANY, MANY BLESSINGS FOR THE NEW YEAR !!!!!

Primitive Blessings from Barbara & Giles

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Makes my Christmas more special...

Wow! We got out of here so fast, I forgot to wish
everyone a big ole MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Here's a pic of the reason we were in such a rush...
love my family but those grandboys are something'
special! I know, they're so cute...and they are sort
of sweet (well, most of the time) LOL

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Well, somewhere out there are Frosty and his
whole family! As of this morning, we had 15"
plus...It's cold (Brrr) but so beautiful and peaceful.
No sign of anything but deer tracks and some
critter built so low to the ground that his belly
drags through the snow...LOL Think I'll hunker
down, do some stitchin' and hope this melts soon.

Deer tracks...

Now, that's what you call "frost on the pumpkin"

No plowing today!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Few Pics

We don't do a lot of decorating...Simple times here : )

See the mouse watching Santa?

Love where Giles leaves his work boots...they fit right in!