Sunday, August 26, 2012


Just back from The Gathering show in Knoxville, TN   Had a wonderful time, sold well, saw old friends, met some new ones...
Some new "neighbors" at the show were Kim and Rick Murray from Decator, Ala.  So sweet and what awesome things Kim had created.  Watch for her things...She may even get a blog going...Let's hope so.   : ) 
Had a great time with Debbie and Hank (Four Meadows Farm) "next door" to our booth. Debbie had some great Fall creations, so watch for more of her things at her cabin in a few weeks.
Seems I have a terrible habit of 'forgetting' my camera, so sorry I have no pics.  I do believe dear friends, Lee and Robin at Millstone Mercantile may have a shot or two on her blog soon.
Our next show will be in Cameron, N.C. so hope we'll see you there in a few weeks.