Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting Ready for Cameron!

Oh Lordy! I hate having to decide what to take to a show...guess that's why I usually wait until the day we load and just make quick choices...I know I'll take lots of smalls, but I've got to
have a few large pieces to put the smalls on...LOL Giles has been working his hiney off on some
cute birdhouses, feeders, prim blanket cranes, 'lighting', etc. Hope folks will be happy to take them off our hands : ) Of course, we'll have some great old stuff...I've even taken some things from the house (I do sacrifice things occasionally) If only customers knew how difficult it is to
knock the dust off these treasures I've been looking at and offer them up for public scrutiny...If no one chooses to buy them, I can bring them back home and put them back in their cozy spot. But if they leave with someone else, then I have to dust the spot they occupied in the house...that's really a 'labor' of love...See you in Cameron (we'll be in front of The Ferguson House)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Yep...nothing like hearing miraculous friend, Sandy, was diagnosed with brain cancer last year; had surgery; went through a tough period of chemo and radiation...all this time, she's been a believer! She believes in the power of prayer...I do to, but seems like Sandy believes it, practices it, talks about it, lives it more than anyone I know. She's been full of sweet spirit, smiling and joking about her wig and hats and always concerned about what's happening with her family and friends...more concerned about them than herself. On rare occasions, she's lightly mentioned the fact that she might not be around for another Thanksgiving or Christmas. I don't want to hear that! I'm covering my ears, choking back tears and tossing out silent prayers, but no prayers like Sandy's...I swear, if someone around me is in need or ill or dealing with seemingly hopeless situations, Sandy wants the name of those people because she's going to pray for them...and it seems like those prayers are always answered in some good way...Well, of course people have been praying for Sandy too...and each time she has another MRI, it has been good news...after a long spell without any treatments, she's been growing new hair, handling her daily living without complaint, all the while dreading this next MRI...don't know why she dreaded this one more than the others, but she did...then I started dreading it, but after seeing her several days ago, I just knew it would be good news...AND IT WAS! Came home, checked phone messages and heard her cheerful voice saying she had the test, got the report and the MRI was clear...WHOOPEE! I LOVE A GOOD MIRACLE! Thank you GOD for blessing my, can you work on our friend, Bill? I know Sandy is putting in a good word....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shouldn't make friends cry...

What a miserable week... some days just aren't worth leaving the house! BUT yesterday was!
I had to go into town, so I stopped to check the mail and right there in my box was a package...from my good friend, Jenny (Just Country)...What could be in the package? And why did she send it? It wasn't my birthday...Hmmm. I followed my list of errands, all the while wondering what was in the package...Finally, I arrived home, unloaded my groceries, mail and THE PACKAGE. Do you ever do silly stuff like put everything away and "save the best for last"? Well, of course, I saved the package...Now, to see what's inside. A yummy jar candle, which I'm enjoying right now, a soooo cool prim bag with a pottery dish with candle and a refill, and the cutest grubby log cabin with tealight. What? No card, note...nothing to explain this wonderful surprise? Oh heck...I don't need one 'cause I already know why Jenny sent those treasures...She's just so sweet and thoughtful and sensed I needed a little 'sunshine'! LOVE YOU JENNY & THANKS FOR BEING SO SPECIAL! P.S. You can find these great prim candles and lots of other cool stuff at Jenny's shop, JUST COUNTRY in Raeford, N.C. Or call her...she'll ship! Check her blog too...