Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Now this is not good! We were heading for S.C. for our next show this past weekend...zooming down I85 when Giles says he hears an 'airplane'...WHAT? I hear a loud roar, look in the side mirror and rubber is flying in all directions from the trailer...we had a blowout! Pouring rain and a highway full of trucks and we have a blowout! NOT GOOD! Of course, we don't have the right lug wrench...so we drop the trailer, head for the next exit ramp and low & behold, there is an auto shop with a nice man who loans us a 4way lug wrench...back we go on the interstate to find the exit nearest the trailer. Giles tells me to get back in the Jeep...UH UH...I'm watching the traffic in case someone veers in our direction...I've already planned to grab the waist of his britches and drag him out of the way...Finally, he's changed the tire and we head back to return the lug wrench...I figure if things get bad, Giles can get a job with the pit-crew of some racing team~! Don't know which was the worst...getting soaking wet or stressing over all the fast-moving traffic while he changed the tire... OH! We tried to pay the man for using the lug wrench, but he said that's how he gets 'Blessings'...by helping others. ~AMEN~


Another show has come and gone...of course we had some rain late Friday evening, but by then we already had our things set-up and secured! The show was good...weather on Saturday was very nice...not too hot and NO RAIN...Saw several vendors we had not seen in a while and some of our regular customers came by to say hello (and they were buying also : ) Ann was working so hard to make things pleasant (with the help of her sweet grandson)...I know it must be difficult to handle such an undertaking, but especially without Al's help...Al has been quite ill in past months...Please keep Al & Ann in your thoughts and prayers.

This was one of our 'scare-people'...Giles cut out the head from tin and I patched the overalls...sold all but one. Sooo cute!