Saturday, December 26, 2009

Makes my Christmas more special...

Wow! We got out of here so fast, I forgot to wish
everyone a big ole MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Here's a pic of the reason we were in such a rush...
love my family but those grandboys are something'
special! I know, they're so cute...and they are sort
of sweet (well, most of the time) LOL



What handsome young men....too cute and they just make Christmas full of wonderful memories!! Glad your Christmas was filled with such joys!!
ps (I can't wait to see what I do in 2010 either...?????) Warm winter wishes coming your way, Judy

Jen said...

Happy New Year, Olde Friend! We made a mad dash to Ohio and just got home this evening! Being with family is so special!
Seeing the pics of the snow reminds me of the year we were in Pa and you looked out the window and saw all the snow and were pacing the floor, but everything went on as planned, as they had the equipment to take care of it, not like here in the Sandhills of NC. Ol the Memories of two professional business women....LOL!!!!
Hope you have a wonderful 2010!