Thursday, September 13, 2012


Ever wonder how blogs get their name?  
Karen at My Colonial Home  ( )  has given a challenge to all who care to join, so I am going to share how we got our name.
I started blogging in July 2008, so when we moved our store, it was only natural to want to start a blog for Cabin In The Woods.
For many years, we had a country shop and when we moved to the mountains, we moved our shop to a downtown location. After a few years there, we wanted to cut back on the confinement of being in a shop every day, so we decided to relocate our business to our home, a cabin down a dirt path in the woods.

The downstairs was perfect for a shop, but since we were in a log cabin in a secluded, wooded place, the old name of our business just didn't work...Giles and I talked for days about a suitable name for our business and location...Finally, he wanted to change the name to "Cabin In The Woods" because that's what and where we were.
It's not a really old cabin, but it's log and stone and perfect for us! We finished the downstairs so the inside looked like a log cabin and our goodes fit perfectly there. 
Although we closed our retail shop a couple of years ago, we still use the store space for storage between shows and also for some of my creating.
Who knows, maybe one day, I'll reopen the store with limited days and hours just so we can get to see our long-time customers more often. 
Thanks Karen for the challenge...We love our "Cabin In The Woods" and are proud to share how we got our name.
If anyone else is interested in taking on Karen's challenge, you may go here


Tammy said...

I love your log home!It is beautiful and so warm and cozy!I would love it if you would open your shop again!I always loved your shop,both of them...LOL.It was always a nice drive to your shop especially in the Fall but just couldn't make that drive in the Winter...LOL,you know how much I like that four letter word...SNOW...NOT!
Prim hugs,

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Barbara, that is a great story on how your blog name came to be. By the way, wonderful name and my goodness, beautiful cabin or log home,wow, so so pretty. Warm and welcoming for sure,thanks for sharing,Blessings Francine.

bettyj said...

Enjoying these post on how blogs got their names. Thanks for sharing and I love our home! WOW

Karen said...

Hi Barbara,
What a wonderful story and your home/shop is just gorgeous.

Thanks for joining in on my challenge and I wish you good luck on Sept. 28th.


Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

What a lovely home! Thanks for sharing your story.

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Oh my goodness, what a cozy "cabin in the woods". Love every inch of it. Great name!

Jen said...

Thats your little cabin? It looks HUGE to me!!!! I love it!!!!

Mabel Jane's said...

Enjoyed your story. I just became your newest follower and look forward to future posts! Blessings...Pam