Sunday, July 15, 2012

Well, looky what has been hanging around Giles and his workshop/barn today... We had noticed a lone turkey poult wondering around the yard for a couple of days (don't know what happened to his family) Today, Giles was working on some things for our show next weekend and buzzed me on the intercom...said a young turkey had come inside the barn...the poult was in and out for quite awhile...then Giles buzzed me and said the poult had flown into the barn and settled down on one end of the work bench. By the time I got out there with the camera, our new friend was exploring Giles' tools and saws. Think he wants to learn how to create make-dos?  So tame...didn't mind my joining in. If he keeps hanging around, I guess we'll get some corn to feed him. Apparently, he/she likes the homeplace for now!


Holly Hills Primitives said...

Oh my gosh! What a surprise to have in your barn. You'll have to keep us posted. By the way, my friend Connie is doing the next Knoxville show in August. Are you going to be there??? Have a great week, Dawn

Tammy said...

I think you and Giles have a new pet!We have wild turkeys around here too and they will cross the road in front of cars,they just take their time going across...LOL.So far none have been hit.It is funny to watch them.Have a nice week!

Primitive Stars said...

Hello, wow, really neat. We have wild Turkeys here to, but not that tame. He found a good prim home though, Blessings Francine.