Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh my! I had not planned on continuing to post about 'Sneezy', but that  turkey is just plain funny!  We had not seen him for a few days, so thought he had moved on. NOT SO! 
This morning, he was back at the barn, hunting his bugs and waiting for Giles to appear. He has followed him around all day, like a puppy running here and there. One time, he was sunning himself just inside the barn doorway while Giles had saws and drills going full can a wild turkey be so calm amid so much noise and activity?
This afternoon, I walked out to the barn (with camera ready) and took a seat on the old bench on the porch.  Up runs 'Sneezy' to stare me in the face, then began to preen himself only a foot away...guess he was trying to make an impression.  Silly bird!
The funniest and strangest thing 'Sneezy' does is when Giles pats his feet in time to bluegrass music (via the radio station in Galax, VA)  'Sneezy' comes running (seems he runs toward Giles a lot : ) and then watches the feet as they tap away...I'm sure he thinks the laces might be worms, since he pecks at them, but mostly, he watches the feet and sort of moves with them.  Perhaps he's trying to pick up his own rythmn...go figure! A wild turkey who loves blusgrass music and humans! 

Apparently, 'Sneezy' feels quite secure here and loves his new 'family'. Maybe one day, some fellow turkeys will pass through and lure him away, but in the mean time, I guess we have a new pet.  We still will not feed him or do anything to take away his wild nature, but evidently he chooses to tame a bit of that 'nature' by hanging out at the Cabin In The Woods.  Blessings...


Holly Hills Primitives said...

Love the continuing saga of Sneezy! Keep the story going, Dawn

Primitive Stars said...

Hello, he sure picked a great place to hang out, I would to. Sneezy is to funny, can`t believe a wild turkey hanging out like that, real neat. Blessings Francine.

Karen said...

Good morning Barbara...consider yourselves BLESSED that Sneezy chose you to live with and not out in the wilds of the woods. He knows a good thing.
Maybe you don't feed him but you do give him the attention he apparently is craving and enjoying...unless he stops and goes away he's HOME! I'm so glad you have accepted him there and can enjoy his fun antics.
Love the one of him in the barn door.