Sunday, May 30, 2010


Well folks, watch for the new Fall issue of Mercantile Gatherings. One of Giles' log cabin birdhouses is on the cover! WOW!
Sharon Blanton bought it from us at a show last year in Kentucky. Sure is exciting to see one
of his special creations out there for lots of folks to see.

If you like the birdhouse, let us know and Giles will be happy to make one for you. It probably won't be exact, but it will be special!




Wonderful birdhouse Barb (and Giles)..congrats to you both - very special indeed! XO, Judy

Barbara said...

Thanks Judy..Giles is always working on log cabin birdhouses...what a mountain man! LOL Blessings..

Ncsuasumom said...

Everybody should have a bird house by Giles!! At last count, I think we have 5!! Love them!
Andy and Dale

Barbara said...

We love to see those birdhouses in that beautiful yard in front of your cabin...It all looks so nice!