Monday, May 24, 2010


See that big ole braided rug? See where it is? After a minor 'flood' in our basement, the rug got
a little wet...Giles spread the rug out on the grass yesterday to let it get some sunshine and dry
better...Well, I didn't think anymore about the rug since it's too heavy for me to lift...I figured Giles would put it back in the basement when he came back up to the cabin. NOT! Imagine my horror this morning when I looked outside and there was my rug...WET... again. Because it rained last night, and this morning! Now the rug is soooo wet and has a few mildew spots on it.
Please, if anyone knows how I can clean the mildew on a big, wool braided rug, give me a holler!


Raggedy Angel said...

I would try oxy clean and a lot of sun shine! Good Luck! Beth

Humble Crow Creations said...

A mild detergent works good for wool, but I wouldn't leave it in the sun too long.


Barbara said...

thanks ladies...will try cleaning and a moderate amount of sun...LOL

Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

Try rinsing it with vinager and letting it dry under the porch then put it out in the sun for a bit. If it's to wet the sun will shrink it. But sunning it after will help kill the mold spores, so will the vinager... Granny's secret! She say's every house should have at least two bottles!
Hope this helped, that's a beautiful rug!

Barbara said...

Thanks Tisha... does granny say to use white vinegar? Blessings...