Monday, September 28, 2009


What a year for RAIN! Another great show, but rotten weather... Of course when you have so many great vendors, toss in a beautiful Kentucky farm, then stir with a huge helping of hospitality from Jerrie & David of KENTUCKY ROOTS, a special sort of 'sunshine' happens!
Now, if we can just order up some cloudless days for our next show, Oct. 3rd in Cameron, NC.
SEE YOU THERE! (In front of the Ferguson House)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Check this out...

If you recently purchased Jill Peterson's newest book, THE SETTLEMENT, look on page 146 and you will see this BIG log cabin birdhouse. It's next to the walkway in front of Millie's guest cabin.
She bought one from us at a Kentucky show and later ordered several to offer for sale to her customers in Georgia. I guess this will be the closest we'll get to being in one of these awesome books...LOL
Giles makes the BIG cabin as well as other sizes so if you wish to order one, let us know. The BIG one is difficult to ship, but if you're near one of our shows, we'll be happy to deliver. OR, you may pick up here and visit a spell...BLESSINGS TO ALL!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Pic doesn't do it justice...I'm not a good photographer...: )

Well, I usually don't ask Giles to make stuff for me 'cause he's always busy working on orders from 'paying customers'...LOL My sewing stuff (along with other 'important' things: ) was piling up and in this small cabin, storage is not plentiful...soooo, I asked and I did receive! I LOVE IT ! It sits behind the sofa..all 6 feet of it...with 18 drawers...PERFECT for all my really important stuff. Thanks Honey!