Sunday, July 28, 2013

I usually don't post personal things...Just too personal! But I decided this needed telling.

This is Michael...or Mikey...or Mike...or sometimes, Scooby! LOL  He is our eldest child.
 I will try to keep it as short as possible, mostly because I can't talk about Mikey without crying.
It has been a true challenge for almost all of his life...Shortly after his second birthday, Michael was stricken with a rare, and at that time, usually fatal illness...Reyes Syndrome.  After several near losses, God saw fit to allow us to keep Michael with us, no matter what challenges might be ahead for our family.  And there were many, many of those!
Obstacles were many, year after year, but eventually, he relearned how to eat, drink, walk, talk, laugh, and all the things we took for granted before.  He even managed to graduate, get a job, move out into his own apartment and with his determination and help from us, his sister, and friends, Michael lived a fairly full and healthy life for almost thirteen years.
About five years ago, he started having problems with spasms/jerking...sort of like Parkinson's symptoms, but not Parkinsons.  We helped him move up here to the mountains and into an apartment, while we sought answers to this new health issue. After many tests, many visits to doctors, and many, many tears, we found a neuro surgeon who suggested trying a Baclofen pump...this pump would carry meds through a catheter to the spine and directly to the nerves causing the symptoms (now referred to as dystonia or "movement disorder")
Michael enjoyed about three years of relief, but last year, he started having problems with the pump.  Since then, he has had several revisions of the catheter, and all these surgeries have taken a toll. The most recent surgery was about five weeks ago, and recovery has been slow and filled with other problems. 
Now days, he seems tired...weary...almost sad.  But, he is not sad.  He meets each day with a good attitude and each time we are needed to help with some issue, we are filled with joy when faced with his smile and laughter...He's a real joker and if we get down, he picks us up. 
Believe it or not, Michael lives in his own apartment, and with the help of two awesome CNAs who visit for a few hours each day, he lives a relatively independent life. He can no longer walk, but has adapted to a wonderful power chair and is able to function pretty well.  He is truly an inspiration!
I'm not sure why I am sharing this, but I hope people will gain some insight into what your friends, family or neighbors might be dealing with each day.  Not that you actually have to do something personal for anyone, but be aware of people...of their feelings...of their struggles...of their sadness...
Pray for them, think of them, be considerate of them...And GIVE THANKS each day for your many Blessings!
We have been Blessed with a wonderful son and no matter what challenges may face us, together, we will move forward...We will be uplifted by God, our friends, our helpers...
P. S. I also think I am sharing this to explain why Giles and I have been quiet, as of late.  We have decided to semi-retire from doing least for now...we just do not feel good about going far away from home.  We will be taking a space in the local antique mall...Giles will still be creating, and I will continue to do what I do...LOL 
We ask for prayers...they do make a difference.  We hope you will think of us and miss us at the shows, and maybe soon, we will return to some venues... If there is anything we have had in the past that you need or want, contact us and we'll do our best to "get er done"! 
We have no regrets or hesitations about making Michael our first priority... He is the one who "lives" this difficult life and we certainly must help him all that we can... Blessings to all!

Relaxed and in deep thought...about what's for dinner! LOL
Enjoying watching the hummingbirds feeding and playing.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Testing to see if this will post to my blog...Not sure what is going on with blog..I probably have missed updating something... Think one day, I will just say "to heck with this computer thing"...get back to reading books and calling friends on the phone...LOL  Have a Blessed Day! Why do I have to click on HTML to type this message? Anyone have an idea of what I need to do. Seems I can't EDIT my posts..I can do a regular post and pics, but cannot edit anything. HELP!