Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Coincidence?

Hi folks...hope you're staying warm and cozy as January flies by.

I wanted to address something I noticed today... Don't know if some of you remember, but last year, I posted pics of some seed pouches I had made, which were copied from one I had that had belonged to my granny. I had never seen any like hers before, so I was excited to share my own version of those pouches for sale.

Now, I realize that things are copied all the time, but it doesn't mean we are pleased to see them, right? Especially when we post on our sites asking folks NOT TO COPY!

This has been posted on my blog as long as I have had it...Be so kind... Please enjoy my pics, words, homemades and hand-dids. Please do not copy them...Thank you! Now, what part of that statement isn't clear?

I was visiting one of my 'favorite' sites today and low & behold, there were seed pouches very, very much like mine. The one difference was that mine are made from a variety of old homespun fabrics and these were plain.Ok, so you liked mine so much, you wanted your own? Well, at least give me credit for giving you the idea! Or better yet, give my late granny credit since she made hers back when I was a child, and believe me, that was a long, long time ago...LOL

I hope you do well with your seed pouches, and think of me when you reap the reward of my work! These are pictures to give you another look...ENJOY!


Angela said...

So sorry someone is using your design. I remember seeing your post awhile back on the seed bags but did not know where I saw them. I have searched for them since that post. Will e-mail you shortly.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Technology can be such a blessing - and such a curse - all in the same breath. I remember your seed pouches well! I truly didn't think I had anything worth copying on my blog since I am not "creative" and a horrid photographer - but, lo and behold, one day I posted a photo I had taken and a month or so later it appeared on someone else's blog as a "source unknown" photo. I truly believe that the individual whose blog it appeared on didn't know it was MY photo (and it was a strange coincidence that I happened to follow her blog and see it) - she had gotten it doing some kind of browser search - but, wow....that was fast - and of something that, in my estimation, wasn't even "copy-worthy...." Makes one stop and wonder. Hope your "offender" sees your post....Hugs ~ Robin

Barbara said...

Hi Robin...don't care if she sees my post. Made me feel better. LOL Can't stop folks from doing what they do. If they can sleep at night, good for them. Just a shame they aren't capable of coming up with their own ideas... How are you? Will email you tomorrow...

BumbleBeeLane said...

I did something a while back that was my idea and everyone kept asking for a tutorial especially one person in particular kept bugging me.I had no intention on selling them so I did the tutorial for some blogging friends to use for personal not resell.Well the girl that kept bugging had them for sale within 48 hours on her blog and facebook as her design.I never do tutorials anymore because she stole my idea and took full credit for profit.She has had a series of unfortunate events and I truelly believe what you put into the world is what comes back to you.Your seed sacks are lovely.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

I do remember your post quite well...loved your little pouches because they were so unique and vintage. I'm so sorry someone took your (your granny's) idea as their own. It is a sad fact of life I am afraid. I'm glad I'm a pattern follower and not a pattern creator, because I know it would irk me too!
Hugs and blessings

ctlogcabin said...

Barbara ~~
Adorable Seed Sacks !!
So Sorry you are having to deal with this. Maybe the Offender will see herself in print make some changes, and offer an Apology.
This is how I'd like life to work in "connie's world". lol
I'm not Creative like most of you Gals... but I have had my ideas and thoughts (that were printed in two of Judy Condon's books yrs ago) rehashed by a "so called friend" & her daughter. They presented them to a Primitive Place Magazine last year as their own Ideas & Recipes. Some people are So Small ..... It never ceases to Amaze me ...... it takes All Kinds !!!
Blessings & Hugs ~ Connie xox

Barbara said...

Oh girlfrenz, I feel sorry for the 'thief of ideas' because she obviously doesn't have enough creative juices to come up with her own ideas. Mine are fading fast with old age, so that's very irritating. Therefore, when that 'light bulb' does come on, I hate to have that rare idea taken by someone else! I do believe "what goes around, comes around" In other words, it will come back to bite someone in the hiney! LOL Thanks for your support...Blessings and hopes for more "creative thoughts" : )

Barbara said...
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Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Gosh darn it all....I know there is so much of that going on...I agree that credit should be given - it's horrible that people 'take' someone else's ideas as their own.
I love the seed cute.

imsteelefullofscrap said...

I love your blog is there a place to sign up to receive emails when you post???