Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yes, I do blog...

Yes, I do blog...just not as much as I should or could. LOL I have some friends who want to see & hear more blogging and some who don't care if they ever read mine or anyone elses.

Ok..this is for the ones who care... : ) The pic above is one of my favorites...first of all, I love Giles' workshop/barn. I can look out from the cabin and invision him working away at some wonderful creation. Sometimes, we'll go for hours and not communicate, but all either of us has to do is push a button on the intercom and hear the other one answer.

This time of year, it's hard to get too many simple goodes completed because of the weather...after all, that heater will only heat so much and feet do get cold. I don't venture out there too often in the'll laugh, but one reason I don't is my legs are so short, if there is much snow on the ground, I need 'hip boots' on just to plow through and down the hill.

I just leave him to his work and I try to do some stitchin' or some hand-work up here in the cabin. Around lunch time, he'll trudge up here for something warm to eat and then off he goes, back to his work. The man cannot sit still, so it's good that he has such a welcoming place to create...and I'm sure he spends a good amount of time day-dreaming too...about SPRING! A long time off, but a man can dream!


AngieSH said...

love all your pics and goodies... hope to make it to one of your spring shows this year.

be blessed!
Angie (fellow NC primmer)

Jan said...

As you know we are knee deep in snow here in Hamlet, NC. On top of the snow is ice and it's cold. Keep warm! Blessings, Janice-Black Creek Primitives & Amy lynns Creations

Judy said...

Hi Barb...Your post made me smile...I can picture you "high stepping" thru the snow.!!
I am ready for spring on January 2 - but we have all the white stuff around us too! That is a great picture of Giles and his magic workshop for surely wonderful goodies emerge from that "cabin in the woods" LOVE your header too..beautiful! XO, Judy

Robin said...

Howdy!! Lee would just love Giles' creating place!! Looking forward to seeing you both next month!!
Stay warm!