Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beautiful Day

What is that bright light? Why, it's SUNSHINE!

Nice, warm, cozy sunshine...It warmed up to 47 degrees.
Melted a lot of that nasty ole snow...Made me happy.
It was so nice, Giles washed the salt off my Jeep and
his precious "Black Beauty" (pick up truck) LOL

We take a lot for granted, like sunshine. Never again...
Love that sunshine! What a beautiful day!


PrimWyoGirl said...

You did have a beautiful day! Thanks for the hope! We are having some pretty ones too but not that warm. More in the low 20's! Beautiful pictures!

Barbara said...

Thanks for visiting Jayne...Bet it is BRRRR out there...Think warm, NC SUNSHINE! lol Stay warm...Blessings

UPON A HILL said...

The temps are on the upswing here in Ohio. Nice to see the sun out here too!

Barbara said...

Isn't sunshine a great 'pick-me-up'? Blessings for more sunshine!!!