Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Perfect weather for napping...

Oh my! This cool weather is wonderful. Perfect for sleeping...just wish I was the one sleeping.

Callie Cat is sure taking advantage of nap-time.


Pots 'n Prims said...

Ohhh! First time I've seen your sweet Callie Cat! My Callie Cat has been curlin' up too! No heat is on in the shop just yet, but she had a quilt all bunched up & curled up on when I got in there this mornin'! Wish I could do the same, but toooo much to do!
Have a great day!


Barbara...I love your blog ! Your store looks wonderful - I will visit often..wish I could visit in person! Also wishing you a great holiday season. Fondly, Judy

Barbara said...

Lisa, I think my Callie Cat has enough 'insulation' to keep her plenty warm :) Bet you're working your fingers to the bone getting ready for the big show! Take care and Blessings in Charlotte! Barbara

Barbara said...

Hi Judy...long time since I've seen you! I'm keeping up with your wonderful shop through the blogs and your website. (I have fond memories of visiting your little shop when you were in Morgantown..)
The one there in Hereford is even better. Blessings..Barbara

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Lucky gal to live in the Mountains!
Thanks for visiting my blog - we were just in the Blue Ridge up around Floyd/Stuart this past weekend.
Come back and visit some more; I will do so as well. Would love to know how you did at the fall shows!

Kim~"HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

What a sweet Callie Cat...I have a "Cali", too!

Barbara said...

Hi Kim...luv that Calllie Cat...she takes good care of us LOL
Looked at your blog...love your views...what 'hill country' are you looking at? Blessings.Barbara